Facility and Equipment

At BATM Systems we recognise the importance of investing in the latest technology and automated equipment to provide our customers with high quality printed circuit boards with a flexible and responsive approach to our customer’s needs.


Lunaris, the first fully digital inner layer printer based on inkjet technology.

Etch and strip line

UCE is one of the world’s leading producers of premium P.C.B. Horizontal Wet Processing Equipment.

Lenz DLG 560-6, High Precision Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine

With an ever-increasing demand for a greater hole count per panel, the new high power linear motors offer a significant reduction in the drilling cycle time.

Quicksilver Hot Air Solder Leveler

Suitable for use with either SnPb or lead free solder.

Optima AOI AI328

A high technology CCD camera Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system to detect very fine isolation errors in complex circuitry.


3D Vision Measuring Machine.

Chemical treatment and recycling processes